Monday, March 25, 2013

The bunny

     Remember the Russel Stover solid milk chocolate Easter bunny? I would always start with the ears. Then the feet. Pretty soon he was just a head and body. I would usually get sick of him and end up putting him away in a drawer, well hidden from my siblings until I decided to finish him off. Of course by then he was covered with lint and no longer appealing, so I'd throw his remains in the trash. I did eat the whole thing once. I got sicker than a dog too. I wouldn't recommend it. Ever.
     Today however, I could polish one off in two bites. Because they are HOLLOW! Whose horrible idea was that? I understand cutting corners, but a hollow chocolate bunny? THAT is depressing. As a matter of fact, it leaves me feeling empty inside....
     Happy Easter Y'all, and remember, it's not about the bunny.
     Till next time,
     Miss Jodi