Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy birthday Barbie!

     Happy birthday Barbie!  Since your debut in 1959, you have been the direct cause of countless food related disorders from Bulimia to Anorexia, and the reason so many women and girls have a distorted body image. I am sorry to share your measurements with my friends out here in Blog-ville, but, judging from the fact that while I was growing up, you seemed to prefer to be nude, I don't think you will mind.
     Dear friends: Here are some facts about our old friend Barbie that I thought you might find to be of interest. (Found on Pintrest). Every second of every day, 2 Barbie's are purchased. If she were human, her height would be 5'9, her bust 39", her waist 18' and her hips 33'. She would weigh 110 pounds.
     I don't know about you, but this is all unrealistic and unobtainable to me. I think, it is high time we have a dolly that our girls can look up to. How about an everyday Super Hero Dolly? Maybe one that can handle being  up throughout the night with a newborn baby and still get the kids to school on time, do a load of laundry, take a quick shower and pick up bread and eggs at the store before picking the kids back up from school, and get dinner ready, lovingly greet hubby as he returns from his day at work, bath the kids, get permission slips signed and into back packs along with tomorrows lunch, (which may be as simple as a piece of bread or a bruised banana), read stories, feed the baby, put them all to bed before falling exhausted into bed for a 30 minute nap before waking to care for the baby every 2 hours throughout the night and start all over again tomorrow. Or, maybe a career lady, who goes to work, taking care of every need her employer may have, coming home and miraculously taking care of her family before retiring for the night. Or, maybe one who works throughout the night, comes home sleeps for an hour or two, and wakes in time to make dinner and help with the kids? Um, yeah, I just don't think that is gonna happen.
     Am I totally against Barbie dolls? Nah. I even gave some to my own kids. I think they have their place. They even teach up some valuable life skills. How else are we to learn how to wrangle tight fitting Velcro closing clothes , detangle plastic hair, or to coordinate our outfits with our Corvettes or Dream houses, or teach us and our male siblings what a normal woman looks like, or how to susussefullystart a nudist colony? See? They can surely be beneficial in our society.
     I am just glad that we have progressed in the toys we make. At the very least, now she comes with permanent plastic panties. If you ask me, Barbie is an exhibitionist. She may have a great fashion sense and great jobs, but she may not be the best role model for our girls. So who is? Might I suggest that we all ? So, I end my rant, eh, I mean post, with a salute to all hard working Mommas out there. Remember that our girls are looking up to us and are watching what we do.
     Bitter with Barbie,
     Miss Jodi