Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kids eat free

     We don't eat out together with our family much any more. Oh, it's not that we don't enjoy it. And thank God we are past the "Toddler"years when just going out is putting yourself at risk for public humiliation, not to mention dirty looks from parent with grown children who have forgotten what it is like, or the whispers. You know what I'm talking about, the whispers of, "If SOME people would only teach their children to behave, we could enjoy this meal!" (Not that I would ever be so judgemental...well, not since I had my own kids anyway.)
     The real reason? It's because my kids no longer eat off the kids menu. Yep. They don't even qualify for the "Kids-eat-free-between-the hours-of-4:00-and-4:13-pm-on-the-2nd-Thursday-of every-month-ending-in-ST." And good grief it's expensive! If we DO go out, you'll find me whispering loudly, "Water ONLY, NO SODA!!!" Because a soft drink is another $3.50 a person. I wouldn't say we are cheap. We just like getting something for what we pay for, and a memory of a luke-warm-overpriced-cheeseburger just ain't gonna cut it.
     If you ask me (And c'mon, by now you know well enough that you don't need to), I think that restaurants might want to consider having a "Young adult menu." They could put a bunch of junk food on it, which is easy to fix and inexpensive, make it a dollar or two cheaper than the regular menu, and add a free soft drink. Did you know it costs less than .50 a soda anyway? I know I would go. Not often, but more frequently than I do now. Or, how about a "Parents eat free night?" THAT, my friends, would get me in the door.
     Until then, we will eat at home, Thank you very much.
     Miss Jodi