Sunday, March 24, 2013

Donut delights

     I never really liked donuts very much. Maybe because we grew up with a cheesy Windmill shaped donut shop up the street, and Momma had the habit of going there every few days and buying the "Day-olds." So, perhaps the fact that all the donuts I ever ate were stale and dry with flaky icing on them had something to do with it. I just didn't understand the Krispy-Kreme craze a few years back, or why everyone was so nuts about Winchell's. I did actually try  a Krispy-Kreme once, and didn't find it to be spectacular in any way, shape or form.
     Until......... for some reason, still unclear to this day, we bought a dozen donuts from the grocery store. Thought it would be nice to have for breakfast on a Sunday morning. Sounds innocent enough, right? Little did I know, that when I bit into that ordinary grocery store-chocolate-glazed donut, it would awake in me, donut desires I never even knew existed. Rapturous. Euphoric. Bliss. Surrender. Abandon.
     Slightly sweet, soft, fluffy, dough. Deep fried to a golden perfection. And, as if all that donut goodness  wasn't enough? It was topped with a sugary glaze, and THEN? THEN, top that with chocolate frosting! (Insert the voices of angels singing here) I was no longer satisfied with the careless picking apart and dissection of a donut, which was then carelessly cast aside like a candy wrapper. No. It took two, Yes you read correctly. Two donuts to satisfy me.
     I wisely decided that donuts and I had an unhealthy relationship. We could no longer be together. The days of Glazed and Crullers, Boston filled creme and Long Johns, Sprinkled, Buttermilk glazed, and Old fashioned-Cake, must come to an end. I said good bye to my fluffy, glazed and frosted voluptuous lover. But not forever....Every once in a while, he still calls to me. It starts as a whisper, and slowly becomes a clear voice. Usually from the Sunrise Donut shop on Main Street, sometimes from the grocery store. He calls to me. And I answer.
     Hungry for donuts
     Miss Jodi