Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's all a game my friends

     Please do NOT tell me you are one of those parents that would rather do the chore yourself than have your child do it incorrectly? Please? Because if you are, you have been had. It's all a ruse. In other words: trick, dodge, wile. Or my all time favorite, PUNKED. Yep.
     They know how to do pretty much EVERYTHING you have shown them, and much more that they will not admit to. They simply choose not to do it. Or, they intentionally do it wrong, or take a short cut, so that when you see how pathetic the finished job is, you will, out of sheer frustration after having shown them 63 times already, do it yourself.
     I know that I may have to go into hiding after this gets out. But for you, I will take the risk. So there you have it. Light shed on a dark topic. Teenagers are brilliant. Don't let them fool you into thinking otherwise!
     Till next time,
     Miss (Been there myself) Jodi