Friday, March 29, 2013

Our visit to the vet

     Either you are an "Animal person, or you are not. (And as a disclaimer, I would advise you NOT to continue reading this if you are in the first category.)You can either watch an ASPCA commercial with Sarah McLachlan singing "I will remember you" or "In the arms of an angel," or you can't. I readily admit to being an animal lover. Oh, not the Vegetarian-save-the-whales kind,  I like BBQ too much for that. No, I'm more along the lines of a meat-eating-appreciator of animals.
     I enjoy raising chickens and selling the eggs to people who want to buy "Organic" for about $4.00 a dozen so I can stop by Stater Brothers and get a dozen for about a buck. I believe animals are here to either feed us, or serve us. Except for my dog Pixie. She gets away with not doing much more than barking at the occasional neighbor passing by. She is about 9 years old now. My faithful companion. Loyal, adoring. And...well, stinky. Not by choice. She is just old. With rotting teeth. We actually refer to her at times, as Zombie-dog. I know she is in need of some teeth being extracted, but whats stopping me is a vet bill.
     Now hear me out before you judge.  I am a responsible pet owner. I get  them spayed, they have their immunizations and are supplied food, fresh water and shelter at all times. Which brings me to our visit to the vet....I got a coupon in the mail for a FREE pet exam, and if it's free, it's for me.
     At the office visit, Pixie was well taken care of and given enough doggy treats to feed a pack of feral dogs. She was happy, I was happy. Until the doctor told me the treatment necessary and of course the cost of said treatment. $250. Plus. I then asked how much euthanasia cost. The doctors mouth actually fell open.
     You see, in my home we have a cap for animal care costs. It is about $100. Anything over that and we either try to do it ourselves, or as my friend recently said to me, "We snuff  'em out".In a humane way of course. I wouldn't get my machete out or anything like that.  In our society, we have begun to place the value of our pets above people. We have twisted our thinking to the point that we will do anything for them. We even have little  doggy outfits. It's wrong people. It's just wrong. Animals should serve us, we should not dress them up.
     If you are wondering what became of Zombie, oops I mean Pixie, I have to admit to you that I was a coward. After the doctor acted like I was a serial killer for even suggesting that I put her down, I respectfully declined her recommended treatment and decided to keep her and treat her with a special ($25. disinfecting) mouthwash. I'm a sucker. And FYI, she is sitting here next to me, and of course I have a jasmine scented candle burning to help kill the smell.
     Till next time,
     Miss Jodi