Sunday, March 17, 2013

Baked vs. Fried

          Do you remember Mc Donald's deep fried apple and cherry pies? Have mercy! Those babies were good! If you haven't had the pleasure, I apologize. And I feel sorry for you. They were amazing. Like, REALLY amazing. They were so good, that even though they came straight out of the deep fryer, and you risked third degree burns, you ate it. Immediately. So what if you permanently lost a a portion of your tongue? THAT good.
     Now however, in the name of health and nutrition, they are baked. Yeah. Can you feel the enthusiasm? No?  Maybe 'cause it's not there. I am all for healthier foods and eating right. But some things shouldn't be messed with. Deep fried pies are one of them. C'mon now. The near boiling temperature itself is enough to keep you from eating more than one. It's not like we would chow down on them. So, Mc Donald's, I respectfully request, that you bring back the pie. Fried not baked. Thank you very much.
     Miss Jodi