Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring is here!

          I don't know about you, but I love spring! Just when I think I cannot stand another drab, colorless day of Winter, it is replaced with vibrant yellow Daffodils and cheerful red Tulips. So hopeful and promising. New life. New beginnings. Babies. And everyone loves babies, right? I know I do. Especially baby birds. So sweet. So tiny. So....noisy. Especially right outside my bedroom window. At 5 AM..
     And at that moment, when those darling baby birdies start their high-pitched-mind-numbingly-repetitious-ear-piercing-chirping....at THAT moment, I begin to think murderous thoughts about those dear babies. Thoughts like, how I could make the tiniest of "Cornish-hens," or little bitty hot wings, or maybe even Bar-B-Que them.
     I feel horrible about these thoughts. And I honestly have never acted on them. (Yet.) But Summer is not yet here. And until the last of the baby birdies has grown up and flown away, I cannot promise you what will happen the next time I am awakened from my already light slumber. I cannot.
     Happy Spring  Y'all
     Miss Jodi (AKA Baby-birdie-hater)