Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Gramma Connie!

     I called my Grandma yesterday for her 87th (I think) birthday, and although the call was connected, no one answered and no recorded message came on. I tried again with the same results. I know from experience not to call more than twice because she gets grouchy, (think of a hungry-caged-Feral-cat) so I called my mom with whom Gramma lives. Here is the actual conversation:

Me:            "Hi Mom, I called Gramma to wish her a happy birthday but didn't hear anything.
                  Could you please tell her for me?"
Momma:   "Oh that was you? She said she didn't recognize the number."
Me:           "I thought she had an answering machine."
Momma:   "She does."
Me:           "But she doesn't use it?"
Momma:   "No. Okay, this is what you need to do, the next time you call her, as soon
                  she picks up, you need to yell,"Gramma! Gramma! It's me Jodi!"
Me:           "What?!"
Momma:   "Yeah, just yell at her and she will talk to you."
Me:           "Um, thanks."

     I am not kidding.
     Thanks for visiting,
     Miss Jodi