Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Contradiction in a can

     I have an inward struggle when I see a can of Vienna sausages. On one hand, they repulse me. Yes, I know repulsion is a very strong word, but it is also a perfect description. Gelatinous globs of processed WHATEVER, shaped into little logs of edible, yet stinky potted meat. I suppose, if I could get over the smell, and the texture, and the sight of them...I might even serve them on occasion. But I can't. So I don't. But....the taste. Yes, they may look like hot dogs, and even (GAG) smell like hot dogs, but the taste, OH WHAT JOY! WHAT RAPTUROUS WONDER UPON MY TASTE BUDS!!!!! Heaven right there in my mouth! So, you can understand my dilemma. Revulsion versus DELIGHT. Contradiction in a can.
    Till next time,
     Miss Jodi