Friday, January 18, 2013

Ugly Babies

     We have all been faced with the awkward situation that occurs when you meet a friend or relatives ugly baby. You are horrified, shocked, perhaps even a little nauseous. What do you say? Even if you are able to compose yourself and not gasp, you are expected to say something kind and give a compliment. Well, I don't want you to lie, and I don't want you to be honest either. If this is a good friend, you walk the delicate line of offending them. Good friends are hard to come by, you don't want that. Here are some suggestions that might just make everyone happy:
     Try complimenting the child's outfit, "Oh look at the darling tiny shoes! So cute!"
     Comment positively on the child's nature, "Wow, she is so calm, so alert, so...little!"
     Ask about Momma, "How are YOU feeling?"Are you getting any sleep?"
     But what ever you do, do NOT ask if something is wrong or say that you hope it grows out of it, or raise your eyebrows. Be polite and follow my lead. There is not much you can do but hope that this is just a phase and carry on. I hope this helps.
     Till next time,
     Miss Jodi