Friday, February 1, 2013

It's Girl Scout Cookie time again!

     I don't know about you, but those little Girls Scouts in their green uniforms creep me out.  Yeah, they are cute, I suppose. And yes, we all seem to have one somewhere in our family....but here is the truth: they are tiny, driven, fast talking,  pig tailed, retail associates with a sales pitch, out to sell as many boxes of cookies as they and their guilt induced family members possibly can.
     What is that  pitch? Pretty simple, and amazingly successful.Look as adorable as you possibly can, and be as ruthless as a hungry pit bull. I try to avoid eye contact but to no avail. They don't even care if you look at them. They just want you to buy. And if you don't buy as you are entering the store, they will certainly get you as you are leaving. They scare me, they really do. I have even had them trailing behind me as I walk to the parking lot before.

      We all know the product isn't that good. Well, maybe the Thin Mints are, but come on! The Keebler Elves make Grasshoppers for half the price and they taste just as good. So, what is it? What makes the yearly sales of Girls Scout cookies so successful? Those vicious little girls. I think they are really just tiny bullies.
     So what can you do to protect yourself from them? Nothing. I'm sorry. It's true. You KNOW it's true. Just cough up the cash and hand it over. Or you will be sorry.
     Till next time,
     Miss Jodi