Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flu season

     Ah yes, it's that time of year again. Did you get your Flu shot? Last year when we took our annual trip down to the Flu shot medical clinic, I was the lucky recipient of a nurse with a very foul mood. My, "Good afternoon!" was met with a very dry, "Name?!" and somewhat of a scowl. I should have run. Unfortunately, common sense did not prevail. That combined with my two daughters who were watching me, kept my feet firmly planted where I stood, as I bravely rolled up my sleeve and offered my arm...She wiped the area with an alcohol swab, filled up the rather large looking syringe, and (I cannot say with complete accuracy here) pulled her hand up over head and with a swift arrow type motion, STABBED me! Instinctively I pulled my arm back just as the needle penetrated my arm. Flu serum dripped, and the nurse stared with obvious disdain. "LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!" She yelled. And as I tried not to Ugly-Cry, she explained that I only received a portion of the vaccine. She slapped a band aide over my gaping wound and sent me on my way. Obviously I did not return this year with the family. BIG mistake. Big-cowardly-decision.
     Three days in bed with a fever, chills and aches in muscles I had long since forgotten about, a week and a half of a hacking cough, and I am regretting not meeting up with Nurse Hatchet. No one else got sick, just me. Coincidence? Who cares? I am not taking the same chance again.
     Of course I have been thinking about the precautions we take to avoid getting sick, and wondering if they are just money making hypes or of some value. I hear the makers of Purell and Lysol are doing pretty good in this economy. Clearly the Flu shot is of some value. Eating right helps too. But vitamins? Hand sanitizers? Antibacterial sprays and wipes? I really don't know. It certainly makes me feel better to use a wipe on a shopping cart handle that a snotty nosed toddler may have been gnawing at earlier, but does it really help? Probably not.
     Neither does the friend who stops you from hugging them and exclaims, "NO! I'M SICK! Don't touch me!" No awkward moment here right? Wear a sign or something. Maybe a T-shirt with the words "I have a cold! Keep a 5 foot distance at all times!" on it. I am not so sure I believe the people who are obviously sick, coughing and hacking up phlegm either who claim, "OH it's OK, I'm NOT contagious. No need to worry! Gimme a hug!!!" Um, excuse me, but how do you know you are not contagious? Did you send a sample to a lab, or do you just know? 
     Well my dear friends, I hope you stay healthy in this season of sickness. And if you don't, well, stay far away from me.
     Till next time,
     Miss Jodi