Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dental visit

     So I have a dental appointment tomorrow, and not because I like to visit her every 6 months and answer her topical attempts at conversation such as: "How were your Holidays?" with half her hand wedged in my mouth so that each and every answer sounds something like "Rawr eft shiz umber kuggle tufter moggin, moggin! Tufter moggin! " Nope. Through years of abuse at the hands of the Free Dentists (Students in training, IN MY MOUTH!) and On-Base-Military-dentists (I am not sure which had the most effective methods of torture but my vote goes to the students, FYI)  I only go with the hope of not having to return for any procedure. ANY! I don't even like to take my kids for their check ups ,but I tried dropping them off once and the office staff came out to the car. (I wouldn't recomend this) I might try it again though, truth be told, and hope no one comes out with the "What kind of sick twisted Parent are you" look on their face. So, if you think of it, please send up a little prayer on my behalf. And one for the Dentist as well. Thanks
     Update: the dental visit went well. Actually it was great considering that someone was scraping under my gums and between my teeth with a very sharp hook shaped torture device. When I got there, I was asked if I would like a massage. Can you believe it? They had new chairs with remote control massage built into them! It was a nice distraction I have to admit! An option of laughing gas would be nice too, but hey, they are making progress! They also had digital  X Rays which means they don't make you bite down on those annoying cardboard things that cut into your gums and are built for a mouth the size of an orangutan. The dentist was great and took time to talk to me about her kids and the benefits of drooling in your sleep, and the hygienist was great too. So, if you live in the High Desert and are looking for a dentist, give Dr. Ginger Scoggins a call over there in her new office. State of the art equipment and great staff. What else could you ask for? (760) 244-3112