Monday, April 8, 2013

Plain Yogurt


     Plain Greek yogurt. It's one of the most popular nutritional trends going on in California at the moment. Right up there with Kale and juicing. It is known to have wonderful health benefits such as being a great source of  protein and calcium, and boosting your immune system with lactobacteria which helps white blood cells to fight infection.
     Pretty impressive huh? is until you taste it. Have mercy! That is some nasty stuff. I have many friends who use it in place of sour cream, to make salad dressings, and in place of milk and oil in baked goods. The only problem is, it always tastes like plain yogurt. You can add it to whatever, or add whatever you want to try to kill the taste, but it's always going to be there. That nasty twang of plain yogurt.
     I am of the opinion, that God does not intend for us to eat plain yogurt. That's why we have flavored yogurt. He wants us to enjoy our food. Otherwise, why would we have taste buds? I am certain that we should not have to slap the table to help us swallow a certain food.
     Now do not misunderstand me. I think that there is a place for plain yogurt. It is on the shelf at the store. Not in my refrigerator, not in my smoothies, and never, ever in my mouth. I would rather gnaw on a raw piece of Kale, thank you very much. So before you lovers of plain out there start to leave me comments about how much you enjoy it, please refrain. I know you do, I really do. But I don't. So you enjoy the plain, and I will enjoy the flavored, and we will both be happy.
     Give me flavored any day,
     Miss Jodi