Saturday, June 1, 2013

new journal!

     I found the cutest journal at Target the other day. It has a frou frou print on the front with the words, "Ideas grow here" written on it.My favorite colors of course and ring bound to make writing in it easy. Quite charming. Now I can add it to my ever growing hoard of unused journals. You see, I LOVE the idea of a journal, but when it comes time to deciding what to do with it, and actually putting it to use, I just cannot decide. Should it be a gratitude journal? A shopping list? A list of ideas? A to do list? A list of dreams? Inspiration? Prayers? Scriptures? A few of my favorite things like rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens? Sigh....
     And, if I DO happen to decide WHAT to write, the next debilitating decision would be how to categorize what I write. By Date? Alphabetically? By subject? With tabs? And what if I get tired of it? Then it will be ruined! Flawed! WASTED!!! ARGH! So, it sits. Right next to me as a matter of fact. Taunting me with it's perfection, and possibility.....Right next to the tiny red leather one Mama gave me. And the one I was given for my birthday. And the one I bought with the full intention of using for blog post ideas. There they sit.
     It is just me?
     Unused journal hoarder in CA
      Miss Jodi