Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Free T-shirt

     I'm sick of free T-shirts. Now before you go on a pro T-shirt rampage let me tell you, I appreciate a T-shirt as much as the next person. They are soft and cozy, lightweight and comfortable, good for wearing while you do dirty chores, great for working out in, and perfect for shredding into pieces to dust with, or for making the occasional tourniquet. See? I get it. But one can only have so many T-shirts stuffed into their T-shirt drawer. I'm gonna take a guess here and say that you probably have some that you never use, and never will use. And the chances are pretty high, that one or more of those you didn't even buy. You probably got them for free from someone hoping to promote their business, or as an incentive for doing something wonderful like donating blood (as if you needed a reward, you're saving a life for goodness sake! Or...maybe blood banks are selling your blood, in which case you are actually supporting their business.....hmmm.) But might I suggest to the business owners of America, that there are better ways to promote your business? Ways that will actually help your future customers to remember you with fondness rather than irritation? Think about it. How many of us have received a T-shirt from some company hoping to gain our business, and when we get home we realize it is the wrong size? And now that I've mentioned it, why is it that they only give out two sizes? Not everyone is the size of a small chihuahua or a XXXL. Now if I had a chihuahua, and it needed a T-shirt, I would probably go to a pet store and purchase one there. I have a revolutionary idea. Instead of paying $5. for a shirt that may end up shining my hubcaps, how about giving out a $3. Starbucks cards? Everybody likes coffee. And for the 3 of those who do not, Starbucks sells tea too....If you give me a card for a free cuppa, I'm going to remember you. Or a coupon for a donut down at the Krispy Kreme. Who can pass up on a cake donut with sprinkles on top? WHO, I ask? Keep your lousy printed pens and coffee mugs, your worthless T-shirts and key rings. I don't want another T-shirt. Not a single one. Go into any thrift store and guess what you'll find? That's right my smart friend, a bunch of goofy T-shirts that no one wants. If you want me to remember you, stop with the T-shirts and bring on the coffee and donuts man.
     T-shirt hater
     Miss Jodi