Friday, May 31, 2013

I wear your Grandads clothes


     Goodwill. Salvation Army. The volunteer senior citizen thrift store down the way. I love them all. The thrill of the hunt. You never know when you will find a treasure, or simply a pair of moccasins somebody else has been walk in'. I think the strangest thing I have ever seen was a stuffed bullfrog mounted on a platter with a tiny fiddle strategically place in his hands. No wait, it was the armadillo purse! No, it was definitely the cat-nativity set complete with a kitten-baby Jesus. If you need to furnish your first apartment or are looking for a costume for a party, or anything in between, thrift stores are the way to go and the place to be.
     I do have a question though. If someone donated a wedding dress, where do you get off charging $100. for it? I understand you are running a business, but $100. for a used wedding dress? Really? And used shoes for $10. PLUS? Dude. This is not a department store full of brand new clothes in the latest colors and fashions. THIS is a THRIFT STORE full of your Grandads clothes. I give you things, (GIVE THEM FREELY I might add!) so that you can make a little money and the people in our community who may need theses things, or who may have a hoarding problem can benefit. Win-win situation right? So don't be greedy. Have reasonable prices. I'm not asking too much here. Just looking for a bargain Son.
     In the near future, if you don't change your ways Mr. Thrift Shop, I might just have to stop all of my donations to you. Of course then I don't know what I would do with all that crap that I don't want anymore...what else would I do with it now that I think about it? All that stuff I couldn't sell at a yard sale, but feel too guilty throwing away so I have to drive up to the donation center in the dead of night with my car lights and engine turned off ever so carefully to avoid the security camera all so that your donation attendants cannot refuse? Well, OK now that I'm thinking about it, that may be an empty threat after all. But seriously, LOWER your prices!
     Till next time,
     I'm gonna pop some tags,
     Miss Jodi