Monday, February 4, 2013

Heaven in a Gentile's mouth

     The thought of fried pig skin makes me nauseous. It wasn't until last week that I tried finally tried some. I feel cheated. 43 years of my life have been spent snubbing pork rinds. What a fool I have been! What heavenly-bacony-crunchy-deliciousness I have  denied my taste buds! And for what? For NOTHING I tell you! I have wasted my life! If you have not tried  them, I am telling you, TODAY, go out and get some TODAY! It;s like perfectly fried bacon. In a bag. But it's not.
     Now, I will admit to you, that I am still embarrassed to be seen buying them. I am the lady who hides them beneath an Enquirer before putting them on the check out stand. Yes I have had the cashier ask if a certain bag of pork rinds belonged to me (Unnecessarily loud too I might add). I would rather be seen buying a climbing ivy planted in a kitten shaped pot than be seen buying a bag of Hill Billy Delight pork rinds.  Don't judge me. Don't hate. I'm new at this. Hey, I'm writing about it here. Give me a break!
     So all you Gentiles out there, I want to share the Red Necked secret with you. If you like bacon, (And really, WHO doesn't like bacon except maybe my friend Lupe? ) then you will LOVE pork rinds. Enjoy it my friends. Portable bacon. Need I say more?
     Till next time,
     Miss Jodi