Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's about to get real up in here

     I am a recent member of Instagram. I love seeing pictures that my virtual friends post. (I do find it strange and perhaps a bit creepy however, that no ones real name is used. Only their user name. So I never really know who the picture of the smiling toddler belongs to, or who "Banana-Fran is...)  Oh you know, pictures of their morning Starbucks drink, or Kale and Spinach health-juice-drink (GAG!).
     But, there is a problem that I see. If we are only showing pictures of smiling teenagers, or beautiful gourmet meals at posh restaurants, we never really get to know each other. We may even begin to see each other in an unrealistic "Martha-Stewart" light.  (Do you find it interesting that Martha was named after the sister in the Bible who worried about the wrong things by the way?)
     Here is my suggestion: Lets show each other a real view of our day. It could be something like the photos I have here, (Vitamins and a messy bathroom counter, or my hideous pink Barbie bathtub that I use to keep my laundry basket in. What ever it is, I want you to be real. For one day, I would like us all to post pictures of toddler tantrums, or messy bedrooms. Sinks full of dirty dishes and the kitchen after a meal was prepared. Keep it real.
     I promise, no, I GUARANTEE! That your friends will still love you. Banana-Fran will not stop following you. Heck, you may even encourage someone....
     Keepin' it real,
     Miss Jodi