Friday, February 1, 2013


     I will readily admit that I am not Martha Stewart. No one is. Well, except for Martha Stewart. I know I am not the best house keeper, I don't care which way the toilet paper is facing just as long as it's on the roll when I need it, and certainly don't shop the local farmers market for fresh produce to make garden frittata for breakfast each morning. BUT, I have a question. Why do people, women in particular, find it necessary to make things that take longer to make or shop for, or prepare to make, and are more expensive, when you can just go to the store and buy them? Good grief!

     Case in point? Marshmallows. WHY would you make a marshmallow when you can BUY a whole dang bag of Jet Puffs for .98 at the grocery store? WHY would you do that? The ingredients would cost you about $12.62 to purchase. And do you really want to spend 3 hours making them and another 2 for them to dry? COME on people! Stop all this marshmallow nonsense! Don't make a pinata, BUY one!!! Buy your pasta in a box, don't make it!

     Rise up with me in rebellion against the Marthas in the world!  I say, DOWN with the makers of homemade marshmallows and pinatas! No wonder our economy is in such a mess! What do you think happens at the Jet Puffed Factory when people stop buying their marshmallows for S'Mores? Or the Pinata factory? Or Barilla pasta makers? Relax! Stop it already! Focus on more important things like reading and taking naps. If you really want to make something, how about dinner? Bust out the Crock pot and enjoy a game of Scrabble with your family. Don't waste your time, or your resources on things that don't matter. Let's leave those to Martha.
     Till the next rant,
     Miss Jodi