Monday, October 14, 2013

Me and Dr. Zasio

     Have you ever seen someone meet a celebrity and they instantly change from a normal human being into a hot blubbering mess? They start saying lame things like, "I'm you biggest fan!" or "I love your work!" or "You are the greatest!"  Maybe you are one of those people, perhaps you have met someone you look up to and have said those very things. Here is where I once again humble myself and admit to you that although I find this behavior utterly and completely pathetic, I did the exact same thing. A couple of years ago, I was working at what was considered to be the nicest hotel in the High Desert, the Hilton Garden Inn. (Don't laugh, I am serious)  Any time a production crew came through town, they always stayed at the Hilton. Hoarders (Perhaps my favorite show ever, because compared to people who have multiple flat cats in their house, I am Martha Stewart. Make sense?) was filming up here so of course they stayed with us. I was working at the front desk, checking people in, checking them out, and making reservations just like any other day. It was particularly busy that day and we were sold out which was not uncommon for a weekday. There I was minding my own business and doing my share to keep Paris Hilton the spoiled-rotten, filthy-rich person she is, when who should suddenly appear before me, but the one and only Dr. Zasio, one of the Dr.'s from the Hoarders show. I instantly became that hot, blubbering, mess that so many other people before me have. I mumbled something idiotic like, "O, wow! Dr. Zasio! I love your show!"  She was gracious and thanked me, then politely asked for her room key. I felt so stupid. I was such a dork. Just another geeky fan. I may have even asked her for her identification....I refuse to ever let this happen again. If I ever do meet another celebrity I have a plan. I am going to pretend not to know who they are. I will not tell them how great I think they are, I will not ask for an autograph (and now that we're talking about it, what is up with autographs? I just don't get it. Unless it's at the bottom of a check written out to me, I don't care about your signature. I just do not.). I will remain calm, cool and collected. Oh who am I kidding?
     Till next time,
     Dr. Zasios' biggest fan,
     Miss Jodi