Thursday, October 10, 2013

Knowledge is power

     Perhaps I have been watching too much television. Mystery and crime solving shows in particular. It seems to me though, that lock picking would be a very useful skill to have. I am thinking of taking it up, I could use a new hobby after all... As I did some research for this exciting new hobby, I found numerous helpful websites with everything from videos to pictures (see above), all  of which had this sentence somewhere in their advertisement: "Have you ever been locked out of your house?" I certainly have! I can also think of a couple other reasons knowing how to pick a lock would come in useful. Lets say you need to borrow your neighbors punch bowl and they happen to be at work...or you have a craving at midnight for one of those amazing deep fried hot apple pies from KFC, or do you remember the time when you saw the dental assistant mistakenly scribble "Difficult" across the top of you chart in all caps, when all you asked for was a  wee little cocktail before your cleaning? See? Now that I think of it, knowing how to hot wire a car could come in handy too... Ah, the power of knowledge. And Google.
     Because you never know....
     Miss Jodi