Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Disneyland math

     Want to know why Mickey is always so happy? Because he is a greedy, filthy- rich, RAT who takes advantage of Californian's. And we let him!!!!
     I live in Southern California. Anytime someone visits from out of state, guess where they expect to go? Yep, Disneyland. Now when I was growing up in the 70's, Disney was not that expensive. At one point it was actually FREE (You read correctly). The park was open to anyone. If you wanted to go on the rides you purchased tickets. We went often. At least once or twice a year. And in the 80's Disney even gave a California discount when you went.You simply showed them your ID and they would knock off a significant portion of the entrance fee. Now, it's over a ninety bucks for a day pass and that doesn't even include Disney Adventure. A parking pass alone costs $15.  Lets do the math people, $92. for a ticket, $15. to park, $25. for gasoline, $6. for a lukewarm churro, $7.50 for a flat Coca-cola, 3 hours of driving to get there, and 2 plus hours to get on a ride that is over in 1 minute.... (which makes NO sense at all!!!!) We are getting ripped of here folks! I say lets boycott Disney! If you think about it, they should make it worth a California residents while by letting them in for FREE when they bring a friend or relative. Am I right here? And we should get free parking, free lukewarm churro's and they should kick in a set of Micky ears with our name embroidered on them. I am not against them making a profit. But I am against being taken advantage of. Which is why our family has not been to Disney for close to 10 years. So here is an idea for you Mickey. Make it affordable for your average Jodi to go to your park with her family. We make it worth your while. In the mean time, you can keep your cute little hat ears and your pathetic luke warm churros. I don't even like Coke. We have plenty of the obligatory childhood photos with mouse ears. Keep it. Keep all Mr. Mouse.
     Till next time,
     Fed up with rats,
     Miss Jodi

     OK, upon reading this post, my dear friend Rose invited our family to go to Disneyland with her. We went last Friday and I have to admit that we had a very nice time. They had decorated for Christmas and all the employees were cheerful and friendly. Even the security guard who had to deny entrance to someone who insisted on bringing their Swiss Army knife into the park was smiling. (Who brings a Swiss Army knife to Disneyland? I mean if you need to go into survival mode you should probably exit the park...) I did not see Mickey. He may have heard I was there and tried successfully to avoid me. And we did not have a lukewarm churro. FYI we ate lunch at the Thunder Ranch and although it was expensive, it was delicious and all you can eat and family style. I would recommend it. Rose was a wonderful hostess, we truly did enjoy our time with her at Disney. So thank you once again Rose!