Monday, October 14, 2013

Instagram and The Squirrel hunter

     I'll be the 3rd to tell you technology is not my strong point. First would be my husband and second would be any one of my children. I can maneuver around Facebook fairly well, have about 5% of my Smart phone down pat, and am quite the email expert. However, I am fairly new to Instagram. Here are the basics according to my understanding: you can follow your friends, your friends can follow you, you can follow your favorite business and they can follow you. You share pictures, they share pictures. Everyone can make comments on each others posts.That's pretty much it. So, imagine my surprise this morning, when I am scrolling down my Instagram page, reading comments and looking at pictures of the obligatory adorable grandchild of my friends, pictures of someone's Machaca breakfast at Molly Browns Country Cafe, and the daily selfie from a young adult who for some reason wants to record herself each and every day without fail for all to see, when suddenly, I see a disturbing picture of a dehydrated squirrel posted by someone calling themselves "The Squirrel Hunter." Further down the page it got ever stranger. They had a picture of a couple dozen meat grinders. Now the strange thing about all this is the fact that I do not know who "The Squirrel Hunter" is and I do NOT remember ever following them..... So either someone is punking me, or I am going through moments of unconsciousness while operating my Instagram account. I suppose either could be the case. I do have insomnia and there is always the possibility that I could turn on my computer in a state of semi-consciousness. I think however, that this more than likely be a joke. I'll keep you posted....Until then, if you happen to be an Instagram follower and are particularly fond of deceased squirrels, you might enjoy following "The Squirrel Hunter."
     Miss Jodi