Friday, May 24, 2013

The secret to folding fitted sheets, because I love you

     I am not Martha Stewart. Never claimed to be either. I am not Mommy Dearest who will beat you if you use a wire hanger, and I am also NOT a hoarder. I am somewhere in between. Not a Domestic Goddess by any means. I do  however have a certain standard that makes me comfortable. I don't like clothes on the floor or dirty dishes in the sink. My bed is made unless I am in it. I like a certain sense of order.
     I have been either helping my mother keep her home tidy, or since I married and moved out, my own home for the most part of my 43 years here on earth. I never claim to be an expert, or keep my home as spotless as my friend Eunice does her house. That being said, I have just recently learned the secret of folding a fitted sheet (which I will share with you in a moment).
     Ask anyone who does laundry on a regular basis and they will either tell you some complicated version of how they do it, or they will laughingly confess to the "Crumpled-ball-stuffed-into-the-linen-closet-method." Go online and you will find three hundred and forty nine million videos. I recently had a thread on my FB page about the best methods. The most amusing and common sense suggestion was to simply wash it and put it right back on your bed....genius!
     So after more tries than I want to admit to, a frustrated bout of crying or two, and a possible curse shouted out to the makers of fitted sheets, (don't hate, I'm just being honest here!) this is the best way I have found. After your clean sheet comes out of the dryer or off the line, shake it out, fold in half, and tuck the corners into each other. Here is the secret, are you listening? Come closer....Do this on a flat surface such as the floor or you bed or a large table. I am serious. THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Go try it! Right now! If someone is sleeping, push them off and strip the bed.
     For those of you who need a visual, here ya go:

     You are welcome to now include me I your will,
     Miss Jodi