Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A night in the life of me

     Have you ever wondered if  there is some strange force at work that causes strange things to happen just when you are expecting company? In the course of this evening, My son invited another student from his psychology class to come and do research and work on an upcoming class project. This just happened to be the night when two of our handsome young teenage ducks decided to duke it out and have a WWWF Duck smack down. So, that being the last straw, or shall I say feather, we decided to do a covert duck drop at a nearby undisclosed location to remedy the backyard chaos.
     First step? Duck catching. Not easy my friends, not AT ALL! Second step, placing said ducks into a pet carrier. Third step, driving to said undisclosed location in stealth mode and doing a duck drop off. Fourth step? Peeling out. Then after coming home, cleaning pet carrier and myself from the contents of the two ducks back ends. All the while college students are sitting in my living room.  As I try to breezily come in, hair disheveled, shirt covered in feathers and, um, other stuff, I do my best to politely say hello, as if I always look like this. Things are finally calming down and a certain psycho cat decides to cough up a hair ball the size of a large pot roast. My son did his best to try to casually round up the cat and clean up the cat puke while carrying on a topical discussion with the other college student and pretending this is normal.
     Of course, we cannot forget that the Beagle who can tell time and wants in EVERY evening at seven PM on the dot and without fail, and has decided to begin barking every 16 seconds.......By the way, have you ever heard a hound dog bark? And you know that you can give a dog Melatonin and Benadryl and it's perfectly safe? Yep, just ask Babe our Beagle who coincidentally  happens to be asleep at my feet right this very minute peacefully dreaming of whatever it is doggies dream of.  If you could remember me in your prayers tonight, I would greatly appreciate it.
     Till next time, 
     I'll be planning a duck BBQ and you are invited!
     Professional dog sedater, and duck relocator
     Miss Jodi