Thursday, May 9, 2013


     I find it strange that in a "Civilized Nation" such as ours, we form raw meat into little balls. Whose idea was this? Were all the other meat shapes taken? What about a hexagon? Or a square? Or maybe a cone? If we are going for creativity, why not a goose? Or a kitten? Or how about a pyramid? We obviously don't do it out of convenience, if we did we would press the meat down onto a cooking sheet and cut it into squares. As it is, we mix it up with herbs and spices and roll it between our hands into little balls. How disturbing is that?
     Last time I played that much with something was in kindergarten with play-doh. Meat is NOT play-doh people! I shouldn't have to explain this to you!!! Meat is from a dead animal. I don't want to handle it and more than I absolutely have to, thank you very much! So y'all can fondle the hamburger meat all you want. You and my butcher who strangely finds it entertaining to shape ground beef into pig heads and put tomato eyes on it. Meat is not an Art medium. I will refrain and  remain dignified.
     Meat is food, NOT art!!!!
     Miss Jodi