Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Costco who do you think you are?

     Who doesn't have a membership to Costco or some other warehouse store? Or at the very least use their friends card so they can get their 36 rolls of toilet paper at a bargain price? (I know you're out there) However, I can't help but come to the conclusion, that Costco is rude.
     Think about it. They have commitment issues. You have to pay them for a card that gives you the privilege to shop for tires and swimming pools. Does that even make sense? You pay $60. for your card for 1 year, and to make it even worth paying that fee, you have to save at least $60. during that year of shopping. That's a lot of chocolate raisins and Windex. And what about the cake? I mean, it's good, but who wants an ENTIRE sheet cake? I just want a half sheet!!! I want birthday cake, not a committed relationship! Who but possibly the Duggar family could possibly eat it all anyway?
      Costco cuts too many corners. Hey, I'm all about saving money these days, who isn't? But after waiting in line for half an hour to pay for your junk, they are so cheap that they don't even give you a stinkin' bag to put it in. The closest they come is offering you a box. A BOX. I just spent  $60. for my membership, and $168. in groceries and you can't give me a bag? You can give me all the pot stickers and power juice samples you want to, but you can't fool me! You are still not being generous! EVERY one knows that if you can get someone to sample a product, they are more likely to buy it. Mama didn't raise a fool.
      They think WE are ripping THEM off. Name ONE other store that looks at your receipt and compares the items in your cart to make sure you aren't stealing from them? I certainly cannot think of one. Grocery store? Nope. Sporting goods?  A restaurant? Furniture store? Nope, nope, and nope.
     My conclusion is, I won't be renewing my Costco membership. It's just not worth it. I'll take my losses on mayonnaise in the grocery store, who really uses the ENTIRE 25 lb jar you get from Costco anyway? I will not miss the hoards of people surrounding the free sample booth, and I will not miss the bulk items. I may miss the bargains, but if I'm careful, those sixty bucks I would put toward my membership fee will cover it. From now on, I'm shopping exclusively where they give out complimentary shopping bags.
     Cutting out Costco,
     Miss Jodi