Sunday, August 11, 2013

Words with friends

     I had a family member invite me to play Words with friend with him last night. All day long I have been trying to figure out how it works. After about 8 hours, I finally admitted defeat and handed my phone over to my son to figure it out so he could translate it for me. He did and this is the conversation that followed:
  Me:     "Why does it say Jodiwhit?"
  Husband:  "That's your user name."
  Me:     "Why couldn't you make it something cute? Like Jodi Witty? Or J-Wit? Or...I don't know, Sexy woman?"
  Husband:   "Don't worry about that. Just play."
  Me:     "But Jodiwhit?!? That's so boring! Whatever."
  Son;     "So you're already playing a game with Howard. It looks like you spelled H-E-L-L.  Now  it's his turn."
  Me:     "Yes, I spelled H-E-L-L last night when we started the game."
  Son:     "Now you need to wait until he is online and playing the game and he will spell a word from that. It's basically Scrabble."
  Me:      "I get it. So I can have different games going at the same time with other people?"
  Son:     "Yes. And you are playing now with Howard."
  Me:      "What is this? It says I lost the game with Zyngawf..."
  Husband:   "Give me that! It says you lost a game with Zyngawf because you left it open and you timed out. So you automatically lost."
  Me:    "I was playing a game with Zyngawf? I didn't know that. How can I be unaware of playing a game? That doesn't make sense!"
  Husband:    "If you play without picking your opponent the game will randomly select someone to play with you."
  Me:    "O, I see. And it picked Zyngawf..."
  Husband:    "Yes."
I pick up the phone and press a button that says "New game with Zyngawf."
  Husband:     "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!!!"
  Me:     "I'm starting a new game."
  Husband:    "But that's ZYNGAWF!!!"
  Me:     "Yes?"
  Husband:    "You don't want to play with ZYNGAWF! You're already playing with Howard!"
  Me:        "I can't play two games at the same time?"
  Husband:    "Yes but you are already playing with Howard!"
  Me:      "Why can't I play with Zyngawf?"
  Husband:    "Because you are already playing with Howard!!!!"
  Me:      "Why can't I play a game with Howard and a game with Zyngawf at the same time? Is there a law against this? Is Zyngawf a serial killer who plays Words with friends as a hobby? Does he get double word score if he spells MURDER?"
  Husband:    "FINE! Go ahead and play with Zyngawf!"
  Me:    "OK OK! I won't play with Zyngawf! Sheesh!"
  Husband:    Play with Zyngawf! It doesn't matter to me."
  Me:      sigh.
And FYI, I am playing with Zyngawf as you read this.