Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back to school

     Today we celebrate my first born childs' 22nd birthday. I won't bore you with those nauseating phrases like: "Where does the time go?" or "How time flies" or "Enjoy them when they are little, it goes by so fast!" which are always said with a wistful look upon ones face. Yes they are true. Yes I think them too. But can we just come up with something new to say? I mean you can't do anything about it right? Let's move forward here shall we? I have a friend who is about 6 years younger than me who just had a baby. As I look at that sweet little bundle of luscious baby-ness I find myself thinking things like, "Oh look at those cute little bitty fingers! Isn't he just darling? What sweet little clothes! And those  thoughts quickly turn into: I am sooo over potty training and tantrums, Thank God it's not me having to get up through the night!" And of course, "What WAS she thinking?" God bless all the mommies out there who clean and do laundry and cook and wash and bathe and discipline and raise-up-a-child-in-the-way-they-should-go, and fall exhausted into bed only to be awakened several times during the night just to do it all over again the very next day, and the next, and the day after that. I love having teenagers and young adults, enjoying conversations that usually make sense and being able to eat in a restaurant that doesn't include a scary clown in a yellow zip up jumpsuit with a red Afro, or a giant rat named Chucky. I love that my kids have their own personalities and opinions and interests. Although I enjoyed my children when they were little, let's be honest here, it was exhausting. I was tired. I needed a nap. And parenthood is 24/7 y'all. Mommies don't get vacations. Unless you have a nanny you pay to raise your child, and what is the point of having children if you are going to do that? Why not just get a tea-cup poodle that you can drop off at the kennel for your vacations? I saw a mommy today at a restaurant who was brave enough to take all of her five children who ranged in age from an infant to an 8 year old. Her crew was all very well behaved and I only saw a total of 3 punches between the brothers and 2 straws flying through the air the entire time we were there. Nothing spilled, no one left the table except for a restroom break and they said their please and thank yous'. The older 3 were boys who wore matching clothes and they were all clean with nails scrubbed and hair combed. I know this because they were so adorable that I could barely keep my eyes off them. As a matter of fact I noticed the Mommy watching me closely several times as I was looking at her children. She probably thought I was a pervert or a kidnapper....But seriously they were all just the cutest little things. As they were getting ready to leave, the waitress came up and was asking the children  if they had started school yet and the Mommy interrupted by answering in a single breath and perhaps a little too loud and with too much enthusiasm: "They start Monday, thank you JESUS! I'm so excited I hardly know what to do!" and then she continued, "This one's starting 3rd grade, this one's starting 1st, this one's going into kindergarten, and this one's in day care, Oh, thank you JESUS!" And I couldn't help but laugh. Now I have a best friend who is a Kinder teacher and she is not looking forward to school starting nearly as much as parents around the world, so I have to honestly say that I THANK GOD ABOVE for all the teachers and day care providers who selflessly and kindly take care of our children from September to June each and every year. Thank you and I am praying for you. I know how difficult it is to keep an entire class under control for five minutes, let alone an entire school day AND to actually teach them something. If I could give each and everyone of you a paid vacation to the Bahamas I most certainly would. But since I cannot, this sincere and heartfelt thank you will have to suffice. And to all the mommies out there I say this... school starts Thursday for us so, PARTAAAAY!!!!!!