Monday, December 24, 2012

Conversations in my head

I live in an area of California that allows us to have a small flock of hens. Surprisingly, chickens are quite intelligent. Well, not so smart that they can keep us from eating them, but definitely smarter than a pigeon...I find it so amusing when they conspire to hide their eggs from me. Like today, I just found a pile of six fresh warm eggs in the storage shed. As if they are thinking: "THIS! THIS is the day that we will hatch an egg! That wicked woman who feeds us mash and kitchen scraps 3 times a day, and keeps out nesting boxes clean and full of fresh pine bedding will NEVER figure out where we laid our eggs THIS TIME! We are much more clever than she! O NO! She walking towards the nest! Don't look at her! She might figure it out! O dear, she is getting warmer...ACK! She's hot! She found the babies!"  Is it just me? or do other people have pet conversations in their head? Please only tell me if you do. I cannot stand the news of my insanity gentle with me folks!