Monday, December 24, 2012


So with Christmas fast approaching, I thought I would give you some practical tips for "Re-Gifting." Oh, now don't even bother to pretend that you don't, haven't or won't. I'm sure even Mary "Re-Gifted" some of that Gold...Let's start with the basics. When you receive a gift that is a good candidate, take a moment to write down who gave it to you, especially if you are prone to forgetfulness. You can save yourself from a very awkward moment that may arise if you happen to give Aunt Prudence the same Barack-O-Bama-Chia head that she gave you last year. Secondly, make sure your gifts are age appropriate. For instance, 86 year old Great Gramma Bonnie may not be as appreciative of the Victorias' Secret gift card as your newly wed niece may be. And thirdly, NEVER "Re-gift" a Re-gifted-gift. It's just wrong. Especially fruit cake, but that's another story altogether. Any way, I hope that helps you a little bit.
Let me know how it works for you!
Miss Jodi