Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy toddlers

     What is your opinion about the current method of child rearing? You know the one that says EVERYTHING should be either fun or entertaining? Toothbrushes have princesses or cars on them, sippy cups have smiley faces, and then there are pull ups. Whose idea was this? Why are we buying in to the idea that we need to manipulate our children to do things? What ever happened to being proud of accomplishing something?  I'm not saying you should send your child to a factory for 9 hours a day, but really? A Hello Kitty toothbrush to "encourage our kids to brush their teeth? What ever happened to a dentists drill? Sippy cups? Just another form of a bottle. Hey, you don't need a lid for your drink. Just sit at the table till you are finished. Pull ups? Are you going to tell me nothing is wrong with a 3 year old crapping their pants? What ever happened to training pants? Those thick fabric undies just in case you have an accident? Do you really want your child to stop messing their pants? Get rid of the Pull ups and get some training pants. Let them wear them a wet pair for a hour or so and they will remember how uncomfortable it is and not want to do it again. Whats wrong with our society? Join with me, parents of America! Let's raise our children to be aware of consequences. Not everything has to be fun. It really is no wonder that our teenagers don't want to take out the trash, I have yet to see a Dora the Explorer trash can. Is it so difficult to understand why our young adults don't want to work hard at their job if they don't have Bob the Builder painted on their lunch box?