Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas "greetings?" a rant

     I have to admit, although I did not send a single Christmas card this year, (so you can stop looking for one in your mailbox) I truly do enjoy receiving them. There is just something so heart warming about going to your mailbox and finding something other than the light bill, Penny Saver, or weekly mattress ad (and on that thought, why do I get one EVERY week? How often do people buy mattresses for goodness sake? Unless those horrifying and nightmare inducing "informative commercials" about how we sweat ten gallons yearly, and reminding us of bed bug infestations get you in there on a regular basis.) Those Old School Christmas greetings with the Nativity or tiny flocked winter scenes, or the little carolers singing, leave me with a cozy feeling inside. I especially enjoy the pictures of your family, and being able to see how the kids have grown over the past year.     
     However, the newly famous Family news letter informing me of Matthew Henry Juniors' latest karate belt, and Aunt Junes hemorrhoid surgery I can honestly do without. Thanks but no thanks. If we are not close enough for me to already know about your cataract surgery, I don't need to know now.
      Last year I got my first email greeting. Yeah, I guess that's nice and all that, but I'm not terribly impressed. And this year? Two surprises for me. A Face Book Christmas greeting, and....are you sitting down? Well my guess is yes, since this is on a computer screen and not too many people read their computer standing up or kick boxing, but that's beside the point. THIS YEAR, I got several Christmas texts. That's right. As if a frigging stamp is too much to spend on me, you had to go and use your unlimited texting. Cheap. Easy. And cheesy. Please, don't bother.
      If I mean enough to you, and you cannot afford a stamp, or like me, just didn't get around to sending them out, do not email, Face Book, or text me. The lack of effort they take to send is truly offensive. Truly. A phone call, a hand written note, or a tray of home baked vanilla-almond cookies with frosting and sprinkles to be specific are a much nicer, and always welcomed alternative.
     Miss Jodi