Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gift Bags

     Gift bags. I'm not quite sure when they first came into existence, but along with the rest of America, I am exceedingly grateful to the genius who thought them up. Gone are the days of trying to wrap a fire poker or a kitten. No more trying to find a square box big enough so you can wrap up a bonus pack of tighty whites or a hockey stick. And the best thing about gift bags is that as long as someone didn't break a gift bag rule, you can re-use them. I am pretty sure I got one from the 90's for my birthday last year...With the holidays just around the corner, I thought I would do us all a favor and write out the Gift Bag rules. It's just my way of making gift giving a little easier, or at least a little less awkward. So go ahead and re-use the gift bag you were given, that along with making gift wrapping simple, is really the whole point, just make sure to follow these guidelines:
     (1.  Keep the bag decor appropriate for the gift you are giving. For instance, don't use a bag decorated with Elmo to give a graduation gift (FYI grads like mullah more than gifts anyway), or a wedding bag to give a birthday gift (especially to an unmarried relative, because they may think you are trying to tell them something).
     (2.   Avoid at all costs re-using a popular theme on a bag. No Tickle from "Moonshiners, Uncle Si from "Duck-Dynasty," or 6 year old "Mylie Cyrus" bags. EVER. And no matter how tempting it may be to buy 6 for a dollar at the local K-Mart, don't. Just DON'T. Pass on that Blue Light special.
     (3.   Never write a name directly on a gift bag. This ruins the re-using possibilities for the next person, and a tree will have to be cut down so a new bag can be made. You don't want to live with that guilt now do you? And along these lines, when you re-use a bag, check carefully to make sure that there isn't a name hidden somewhere on the bag. You don't want the recipient of your gift to loudly exclaim, "Who is Hunny Bear?" That's just awkward.
     So there you have it folks. From my home to yours. Feel free to pass this information on. Knowledge is power.
     Till next time,
     If it can't fit in a bag, don't give it.
     Miss Jodi