Monday, December 23, 2013

Adventure in texting

     Last summer we made the mistake of going to PetSmart on adoption day...I'm sure you know the drill...but should you happen to be one of those annoying people who can resist a rescued puppy, it goes a little something like this: we see a cute little puppy and go up to it. Brilliant sales person honed in her skills, rushes up to us and tells us one of several heart wrenching stories about how the puppy was found wandering around the Mojave Desert being chased by a group of mange covered coyotes, about how she was then nursed back to health from starving and dehydrated, and of course, close to death. The puppy was rescued just in time. Of course, if they cannot find a "Forever Home" for her, TONIGHT by 6pm, she will be put down. What a tragedy, what a waste...but if you sign here and pay $89. not only you can take her home, but you get a free 1/4 lb bag of puppy chow, and a coupon for 5% off your total purchase of $20. or less of qualifying purchases, only at a participating PetSmart, and only within the first hour of owning her. No sooner did we get her home did said puppy develop a case of diarrhea. Having just spent $89. on the adoption fee, $25. on a dog bed and $63. on a dog crate, we were a bit short on cash. So, we did what any concerned (cheap) person would do, we called my niece who happens to be a Veterinary technician, and explained the situation to her. Being the gem that she is, we were given instructions that I shall not mention here, and told to keep her informed. So, we did as she suggested and began our vigilant watch over the puppies poop's. The next morning I sent my niece a text with an update on the puppy, it went something like this: "Hi Nichole, the puppy seems to be doing good. She still has soupy poops but is acting fine and eating and drinking normally." That afternoon I sent her another: "Hi Nikki, All is good. She still has diarrhea though. Other than that she seems to be happy and is playful. Love you!" And that evening another, "Hi Love, she still has diarrhea. No other changes."  I'm sure you can imagine my surprise and utter horror, when a few minutes later I received a text that read: "Hey, I'm really sorry about your dog, but you have the wrong number. Please stop texting me..." Needless to say, I am now very careful when I send texts. Especially when they contain updates on my dogs stool.