Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I'm still here

Hey y'all. I am alive and well, just super busy. Not the back of the hand to the forehead dramatic flourish type of busy, but legitimately busy. In the past two months, we almost lost our daughter to asthma, she was hospitalized and has recovered, (thank you God!!!) said daughter graduated from High school (thank you God!) and all that is involved with that took place, said daughter was in a play, relatives from Texas came for the graduation party, we bought a house, (thank you God!!!) and are in the process of moving during a heat wave (in my opinion) in the California desert, I went with my bestie to Vegas to see the Michael Jackson One Cirque de Soleil  show,  came back, and have been working, and writing a play. So yeah, like I said. BUSY. But blessed. Thank you God!!!
Miss Jodi